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Communicorp UK, headquartered in Manchester and operating nationally, helps clients improve what they do. Through bespoke research and insight, we can help you stand out in a saturated world.

A Market Research Society Company Partner, our methods include both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, from face to face and on street research, online panel research, creative concept testing, to focus groups and insight communities. The method chosen depends upon the brief and requirements; but the aim is always to help you.




This is arguably one of the most important pieces of information you need to develop an effective marketing strategy. Consulting with your customers can help you determine if you’re aiming your product or service at the right people. We will help your business grow by making sure you are on target.


Where do you stand relative to your competitors versus what the internal perception of your brand is? Are you the market leader, a new entrant or middle of the pack? Benchmarking against your competition allows you to streamline your pricing and promotional strategies for success.


Gaining insight into what thought processes your customers go through prior to purchasing will give you the competitive advantage you need over the other businesses in your industry. Understanding your customers allows you to fine tune your sales, marketing and conversion tactics to vastly improve performance across all measures making you not just more efficient, but more successful.


We’ve all spent marketing budgets and not received the response we hoped for, right? Measuring a marketing campaign enables you to understand where your customers consume media and why these platforms will be the best for you to be on. Spending your budget wisely will give you a guaranteed better return.

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